The Volleyball Training Program for the surrounding villages of the Auroville bioregion was initiated in October 2015. AVSRC’s Volleyball coach, Mr. Senthil prepared a Volleyball training program for 8 villages surrounding Auroville (Kottakarai, Irumbai, Annainagar, Bommailarpalayam, Periyamudhaliarchavadi, Kuilapalayam, Edayanchavady and Kottkupam). Mr. Senthil goes to the villages in the mornings and afternoons to coach and prepare the youth for upcoming tournaments organized by AVSRC. He gives training to children as well as to young adults, who want to play Volleyball and improve their skills. This program is a huge success, because there are many young people participating in it and more villages clubs and teams are requesting AVSRC to include them in the program. The athletes have the opportunity to work on their bodies to keep a healthy body and mind and are able to improve their individual and team skills. AVSRC is happy to see the Volleyball Training Program growing and it acknowledges the positive impact on the surrounding villages through this program.