The goals of the Auroville Sports Resource Center are to motivate people to do sports in their childhood as well as in their adulthood. There are highly different benefits that result from being actively involved in sports. All this benefits will help to develop everybody’s full potential to prepare the body for the eventual transformation envisioned by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Thereby the objectives of the Auroville Sports Resource Center are to: 

  • Coordinate sports activities and programs so that more people can take advantage to participate in sports
  • Organize tournaments, training camps and sports events in different sports
  • Create and maintain a sports library to improve knowledge on the sporting activities and its benefits to a healthy body and mind
  • Conduct seminars / workshops on sports to encourage and promote interest in sports
  • Make use of multimedia to effectively teach skills in sports
  • Facilitate viewing of special live TV broadcastings of sports events e.g.: the Olympic Games, the World Cup, Wimbledon etc.
  • Invite top teams/clubs to play friendly/exhibition matches to promote and popularize sports and games
  • Invite top Indian and international sports personalities so ordinary people come in contact, interact with and be inspired by them to strive towards a higher standard in sporting activities and goals
  • To facilitate field trips in sports and games to participate and observe various special domestic events like: Federation Cup Championship, National Championship and international events like: Asian Games, ATP Championship etc.

If you are interested in helping the AVSRC, participating in one of the various tasks above or help us to develope ideas to expand our field of activities in Auroville and the surrounding villages just contact us!