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The Auroville village action group, the Auroville sports resource center and Dehashakthi helped form a sports and cultural association for the Bio Region called ABSCA (Auroville Bioregional Sports and Cultural Association). This ABSCA is registered under the Societies Act with the sub register of Tindivanam. About 30 sports clubs from the villages around Auroville are in the process of registering themselves with ABSCA.
By the end of 2017 a sports calendar will be prepared for the Bio Region. This sports calendar will enable several sports and cultural events for the Bio Region. Following these events a representative team for the Bio Region will be selected to participate in the district level tournaments in Viluparam.
Any support from individuals, organizations (NGO’s and otherwise) are very welcome towards the development of ABSCA and its activities for the Bio Region.

Donations can be channeled through the AVI from your respective countries and:

Auroville Sports Resource Center, New Creation Sports Ground, Auroville – 605101 – TN, India
Donation Account:
MICR code: 60 500 2007
NC with State Bank of India
AIC Number: 10237876508
Beneficiary: Auroville Unity Fund
Purpose: AVSRC

There is also the possibility to donate through the “Auroville International”-network with a more likely chance of tax refunds. If you wish more information about this way of donating, it would be our pleasure to help you.

Thank you!

Basketball Tournament (from 23rd of June until 2nd of July)

From 23rd of June until 2nd of July 2017 a State Level Basketball Tournament on New Creation Sports ground is happening. The teams, which are joining are from different clubs in Auroville and Pondicherry. We wish them all the luck and some exciting matches.

If you are interested in watching, you can find the timings of the matches for men, women, junior boys, junior men and junior girls and in the gallery below: