Holger (2013-2014)

“By doing sports, something can be changed and it strengthens the personality. My life got also enriched by doing sports. Sport often lets me feel what is inside me, in competitions or in trainings. The best was not necessarily my personal success, but the insight that it often needs others, sports friends and opponents, to discover and unfold its potential. In addition, it was the sports spirit, which can be applied to many living conditions. With a study in pedagogy I try to carry this sports spirit to India. I would like to expand my skills and make myself strong in the project for others. As a professional, I have been able to gain experience in various foundations and would like to start my first steps into development cooperation with my commitment. Working with people from and in other cultures is a big challenge. Auroville is a unique place for me. It invites people to participate and gives young people like me the opportunity to live their ideals and to experience resonance.”



Lukas (2015-2016)

“I am from Germany and came to Auroville in August 2015. I volunteered at AVSRC for one year until August 2016. My favorite sports are Football and Tennis. At AVSRC I was responsible for the Edayanchavadi Government School sports program, collecting information in the Bioregion and creating AVSRC’s first website. I am certain that AVSRC can have a positive impact on the relationship between Auroville and its Bioregion through sport events for all ages. I see a big opportunity in the growing sports participation, because many social and individual issues can be solved by being active in sports. After returning to Germany I moved to Frankfurt. I work at the Städel Museum and I am going to start my studies of art history in October 2017.”




Luise (2016-2017)

“I chose to work in the Auroville Sports Resource Center for one year, because sport is important and can be effective in different ways. Soon I became a part of the lovely team consisting of Frederick, Jothi and Senthil, who are not only colleagues, but also friends, who answered all my questions and helped wherever they could. During the year I worked every morning in the Sports Centers office, updating the website, preparing a sports calendar, creating a new logo or taking notes at meetings. In the afternoons and sometimes in the mornings I went to different schools giving volleyball classes or just spent time with the children doing different activities. It was nice to spend time with the Indian kids, because they are really kind and interested in learning new things. A lot of sports events like tournaments, Sports festivals or the yearly Nature Camp have to be organized by the Center. The team always integrated me in this work, which was a lot of fun and I met many nice people from different sectors in Auroville, who are working together to make these events possible.”


Manuel (2017-2018)

“The body is the vehicle to experience yourself as a soul in this world. Mind and body form a unity. A disciplined mind is the foundation of a happy life. An intentionally shaped body is the expression of your inner discipline. I am at the Auroville Sports Resource Center to pass on this message to young and old people. In Germany, I work as a handball referee, so I have experience in organizing and leading sports events. Auroville is a good place to share this experience with others. I really enjoy working at the SRC, because I get a lot of freedom in the selection and execution of my projects. It is particularly interesting that I get so many insights into the construction plans of the SRC, on occasion of Auroville’s 50th birthday. And so I’m looking forward to many more exciting tasks that await me here.”