“I was born in 1972 in the district of Trichy in Tamil Nadu. During  my youth, I have been selected for and attended several district and state level volleyball tournaments. Later, I continued my studies at Sri Aurobindo International Institute in New Delhi. This brought me in touch with Auroville and I joined as a sports teacher at New Creation School and Dehashakti Sports program and at Certitude. I have been a teacher in Auroville and in a few of the outreach schools. I continue to work on the sports field and take more responsibility in developing Auroville rural volleyball and conducting regional volleyball tournaments every year. I am happy to have created many youth volleyball teams from Auroville and its surrounding villages. In September 2015 I joined AVSRC. I take care of neighboring villages volleyball training programs and help as a coach and a coordinator. My goal is to produce not only champion volleyball players from our region, but also good sports persons by encouraging discipline, cooperation cleanliness of their villages by example of cleaning their areas of all plastics and others packing non-degradable materials discarded all over and with an aim of understanding and integrating the Auroville ideal of brotherhood and human unity.”



“My first contact with Auroville was back in 1966. when I visited the Ashram in Pondicherry. In 1967 I came back all the way from Germany again to become part of Auroville. I enjoy many different sports. but mostly Running and Tennis. At AVSRC I am responsible for fundraising or the coordination between AVSRC and the government- I wish that we can expand the connection between Auroville and the bioregion in the future. I want to represent Auroville’s Youth. Sports and Culture and want to fulfill the Youth through Physical Education as envisioned by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.”




“As a boy of 8 years old, I grew up in Auroville playing a lot of different sports and my favourite was Basketball. In 1991. I got trained as a Basketball coach and since then, I have been coaching Basketball both in Auroville and in Pudhucherry state. I’m responsible for managing AVSRC.  AVSRC was created to cater to the needs of sports to the young and old alike; both in Auroville and its bioregion. Our goal is to help support sports activities and thereby help keep the human body fit for the eventual transformation of the human species as envisioned by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and to help create human unity through sports by coordinating and organizing sports events and tournaments in and around Auroville.”



“I am 66 and have been living in Auroville for more than 3 decades. I played basketball for my college in Chennai. I joined AVSRC in 2019 as a Care taker. I helped Jothi with the special basketball training programs like: training the Pudhucherry state wheelchair basketball team for participating in the National wheel chair basketball championship held in Haryana in 2019 and with the basketball training for the differently abled youth here in the indoor stadium.”