On the 24th December 2016 the Auroville Sports Resource Center and the Kids Café invited the children and adults of Auroville and its Bioregion for a full day community event in Certitude. At 7 am the event started with a common warm up, which consisted of Yoga and Pilates. From 9 am to 12 friendly matches in Badminton, Table Tennis, Frisbee, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Carom and individual sports such as gymnastics and athletics started. Additionally 35 kids ran a 5-kilometres-barefoot-run and 24 kids rode a cycle tour. From 12 to 2pm everyone had a break to take rest and have lunch. Additionally, from 2pm onwards there was face painting, a craft table, kids games and karaoki taking place for the smaller children. The event was supported by live music from Mathias and Mohanam (Balu) and there were other cultural activities in dancing and singing.  At around 6 pm Santa Clause arrived sang Christmas songs and gave presents for all the children. Also every child got a certificate. All in all more than 200 people participated and everyone played really ambitious and fervent. The children especially had a lot of fun and where very happy about the Santa Clause.