The Bioregional Sports Festival was organized by AVSRC, the Auroville Village Action Group (AVAG) and their Paalam-group members and Dehashakthi. The sports events happened on June 12th (Athletics), June 19th (Volleyball Juniors) and July 3rd 2016 (Volleyball Seniors). The Athletic event took place in Dehashakti and was supported very much by the Dehashakti team members. The Volleyball tournaments were held at New Creation Sports Ground. There have been internal matches at village level, as a run up for selecting the best players for these tournaments. All finalists received a certificate and there were prizes for volleyball 1st and 2nd place and for the winners of Athletics individual events. These events give Auroville a rich opportunity to fostering connection and friendships with local youth that has the potential of further co-creative initiatives. In the end around 600 athletes participated in the Bioregional Sports Festival, indicating the big success of AVAG, Dehashakti and AVSRC with this event.